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Welcome, Now in NC & MD!

After many years of teaching, mentoring, supervising and advocating on behalf of a wide range of students with learning difficulties, I decided to use my professional skills to support teachers, parents and students through private practice. I had an incredible career in K-12 education and continue to be motivated by ensuring that each child reaches his or her boundless potential! As you browse through the learning opportunities found on these pages, I hope you will find information that will help you support the unique learners in your world! 
















More about......Rose R. Blucher, M.Ed.
   Rose Blucher has been the Director of Blucher Educational Services for Boundless Potential for more than 10 years and is an award winning educator in the field of learning disabilities and Twice Exceptional learners.  Her private practice provides teacher training opportunities, advocacy services, and direct services for students and their families.
   Early in her career, she worked with elementary school special needs students, developed a program f
or behaviorally disordered middle school students, and was a resource room teacher and co-teacher working  with students with learning disabilities at the middle and high school levels. For more than twenty years, she was a Central Office Specialist for Gifted Students with Special Learning Needs students in Prince George’s County, Maryland where she developed and coordinated countywide public and private school support services for twice-exceptional (2E) students. During her tenure, she trained thousands of teachers and parents in specific strategies necessary to ensure academic and social-emotional success. Moreover, she developed the county’s first high school program for GT/LD students in 1988 and has written numerous articles, resource manuals, and curriculum guides.
   Ms. Blucher continues to serve nationally and internationally as an educational consultant to school systems, schools, and families and has presented at numerous state, national, and international conferences. She has taught at the undergraduate level and was an adjunct professor at the graduate school of Johns Hopkins University where she taught a course entitled, Teaching the GT/LD Learner.  Currently, she is associated with the Brides Graduate School for Cognitive Diversity in Studio City, CA.
   Ms. Blucher served two terms as an appointed member on the Maryland State Advisory Council for Gifted Education, and ten (10) years on the board of directors for the Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students (AEGUS). She is also a member of the Council of Parent, Attorneys, and Advocates (COPAA). Most recently, she was appointed to serve on the executive board of directors for the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development at Bridges Education Group in Studio City, California, where she shares her expertise with researchers, teachers and service providers from all disciplines who work with twice exceptional learners.
Ms. Blucher holds a B.S. in Special Education K-12 and General Education K-8 with a concentration in Learning Disabilities and a minor in psychology, a M.Ed. in Special Education with a concentration in Emotional Impairments, and an advanced certificate in Administration and Supervision.

   Our Mission

  Our mission is to provide:

  • educators and service providers the tools and strategies necessary to support unique learners through a strength-based approach;  

  • parents the skills and information needed to address the unique needs of their children;

  • students the opportunity to learn strength-based strategies to achieve their goals and meet their boundless potential!

Articles by:
Rose Blucher

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